🎅December Raffle🎅
(Ends the 24th)

- 4 Tickets to Disneyland
- Xbox Series X
- Playstation 5 Horizon Bundle 
(^Already Claimed^)

🥈Second Place Prizes:🥈
- Nipsey Hussle bong + 1/2oz 
- Metrix Glycerin Bong with 3.5G Flower  & 4G Of Wax
- Metrix E-rig with 1/8 Flower & 4 grams concentrate

🥉Third Place Prizes:🥉
- $70 
- Choice of TWO Top Shelf 1/8's
- Your Choice of 7 devour edibles

There will be 1 first-place prize. You are only able to redeem one prize from each winning place, ex. If you won first you can NOT pick all three you have a choice between the three. This goes for the second and third as well. Winners will be drawn on November 30th.